Some people confuse love with ownership, or perhaps view them as one in the same: as if a human being can ever truly be owned and contained into something smaller than it is meant to be. My soul is bigger than my body, and even I can’t hold onto it sometimes so how could someone else?

Love is creative, it is wanting to share your knowledge and profound experiences with those you love. Love is freedom, and wanting those you love to be free to take advantage of every experience possible.

Love is limitless.
And love is never to be used as a tool of abuse, or it stops being love and becomes something much more sinister.

If you love someone, you love who they are. Encourage the changes they make that are positive, but expect no change. How can you say you love someone if you wish they were someone else?

This is coming from someone who has been the burden of the family, (probably still am to a large extent, I’m just a productive burden now) and the failure. Wallowing in my own filth and a pile of needles and seeing no way out. I still don’t believe that love, if it is truly love should be a conditional concept.

Maybe I sound idealistic, but isn’t that part of what makes life so wonderful? Having a little bit of hope, ideal and some sunshine to get through the rain? Whatever it is in us that makes us persevere in times of emotional turmoil.

Especially for those of us who carry the emotional burdens of those who surround us. We know who we are, the “mentally ill” and emotionally “unstable.” You are not sick for feeling the sadness of the guy on the bus, or the excitement of the kid you see getting a balloon animal. It’s called being observant, compassionate and empathetic. It is a virtuous quality that I refuse to have extinguished by anyone or anything.

Life is so finite, I see no reason to not relish in every second and indulge in every possible opportunity that presents itself to us. I want to leave my mark on this world, and positively impact as many people as I possibly can and enjoy.

I suppose my advice of the day is that, if someone cannot be happy for you when you are happy… this person doesn’t love you.


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